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Shombay 'C' Litter 2012

Kanyon x Bo


Due to a human member being added to the "Shombay" family, we waited until Spring 2012 to mate our wonderful dogs "Kanyon" and "Bo".

The temperaments of our dogs is of utmost importance to us and having a 24 month old child within our pack has shown just how important our Rhodesian Ridgebacks must be within a family environment, whilst still remaining true to their original breeding.

We still want them to go out in the woods to hunt, yet when they return to their sofa's they will lovingly protect and watch over their family with their lives. Trying to draw this line with our wonderful breed takes a lot of time and patience, they are not the breed for everyone, they can be stubborn, wilfull, yet sensitive and it is our job as humans to understand not reprimand their behaviour and bring out each individual dogs personality and traits quietly and sensitively.

We are very excited about this litter as both our dogs are wonderful family members and dearly mean so much to us!

Bo's pregnancy is confirmed and puppies are due early June 2012.

Puppies have arrived!

7 boys & 3 girls safely delivered and both mum and babies doing extremely well!!

8 pups have excellent crowns & ridges, 1 pup with 3 crowns and 1 pup with 1 crown and small ridge.
All have been dermoid sinus checked and clear so far.

A BIG BIG THANK YOU to all our new families and new friends that have given such wonderful homes to our puppies!
Thank you for sending your keep them coming!!! 

Shombay Taynth Commander - Ted Jan13 by T.Hillier
Shombay Ayeth Wonder - Mani -by V Glover
Shombay Third Dymension - Bentley
Shombay Forth Protocol - Sam
Shombay Sixth Sense - Millie
Shombay Twyce As Shy - Nala
Shombay Eventh Heaven - Duke

Picture gallery below of the Shombay 'C' litter.

clitter1/IMGP5232.JPG clitter1/IMGP4927.JPG clitter1/IMGP5465.JPG clitter1/IMGP5334.JPG
clitter1/IMGP5333.JPG clitter1/4weelsbitch2.jpg clitter1/4weeksdoga.jpg clitter1/4weeksdog.jpg
clitter1/4weeksc.jpg clitter1/4weeksbitch1.jpg clitter1/4weeksb.jpg clitter1/4weeksa.jpg
clitter1/3weeksc.jpg clitter1/3weeksb.jpg clitter1/3weeksa.jpg clitter1/3weeks.jpg
clitter1/contentnewmum.jpg clitter1/8daysoldc.jpg clitter1/8daysoldb.jpg clitter1/8daysolda.jpg
clitter1/8daysold.jpg clitter1/1dayold.jpg clitter1/fewhoursoldb.jpg clitter1/fewhoursolda.jpg
clitter1/fewhoursold.jpg clitter1/bo1daytogo.jpg clitter1/pupsgrass.JPG clitter1/IMGP5385.JPG
clitter1/IMGP5383.JPG clitter1/IMGP5388.JPG clitter1/IMGP5484.JPG clitter1/IMGP5483.JPG
clitter1/IMGP5345.JPG clitter1/IMGP5338.JPG clitter1/IMGP5238.JPG clitter1/IMGP5224.JPG
clitter1/IMGP5219.JPG clitter1/IMGP5200.JPG clitter1/IMGP5117dog1c.JPG clitter1/IMGP5135dog5a.JPG
clitter1/IMGP5115dog1a.JPG clitter1/IMG5125mani.JPG clitter1/IMGP5047.JPG clitter1/IMGP5037.JPG
clitter1/IMGP5030.JPG clitter1/IMGP4964.JPG clitter1/IMGP4877.JPG clitter1/IMG00972-20120530-1532.jpg