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Shombay 'A' Litter 2006
Castor x Jinx
13 puppies Sept 2006

After 8 hours of whelping on 24th August 2006, our Shombay line began.....
Jinx became the proud mum to 8 bitches and 5 dogs. The puppies are now 8 years old ... how the time flies!!

Most importantly, the feedback we are getting from all the owners is the friendly, outgoing and loving temperaments that all the puppies have, which is an extremely important factor to us.
As well as our own Bo (Shombay Shaamone) there are two 'puppies' from this litter that have been flying the flag for us in the show ring....Shombay Shamakani of Amahle (Rufus) who is owned by Brian & Mandy Maidment and Shombay Shakarri at Isoke (Nyah) owned by Kate & Darran Thomas.

Thank you all for their wonderful homes, we are extremely proud of them all!

Bo & Daisy

Shombay06/IMGP1244.JPG Shombay06/rufusc.JPG Shombay06/djembe4.JPG Shombay06/rufusb.JPG
Shombay06/rufusa.jpg Shombay06/nyaha.jpg Shombay06/IMGP1259.JPG Shombay06/nyahb.jpg
Shombay06/eyesopen.JPG Shombay06/mumdad.JPG Shombay06/pupsasleep.JPG Shombay06/hours.JPG

Shombay Shakari of Shombay - Nyah - by M.Goodland
Shombay Shamakani of Amahle by L.Piehl

shombaygrowing06/IMGP1541_edited.JPG shombaygrowing06/rufuscrufts12.jpg shombaygrowing06/daisy1.jpg shombaygrowing06/DSC_0224.JPG
shombaygrowing06/IMGP3247.JPG shombaygrowing06/rufus16.JPG shombaygrowing06/rufus15.JPG shombaygrowing06/scooby.jpg
shombaygrowing06/rufussrra.jpg shombaygrowing06/nyahd.jpg shombaygrowing06/jackson.jpg shombaygrowing06/daisy.jpg