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Natural Raw Diet for Dogs
Shombay pups at 6 weeks enjoying a raw meaty bone!

We made the decision to raise our last litter on a raw diet after becoming quite disheartened and unhappy with the range of commercial dog foods available, how they affected the puppies’ digestion and their weaning process in general. We asked our dear friends Brian and Mandy at Wolf Tucker for their invaluable help, advice and to provide us with their wonderful raw food products.
It was a fantastic success and since then we haven't looked back!

Dam to be Bo was introduced to the diet 3 weeks before her whelping date and the difference was unbelievable, she was blooming and her continuous milk production once the 10 pups arrived was a godsend. She also did not lose her coat or any of her body condition and even won her class at a Championship show 16 weeks after the pups were born.

Another real eye opener for us was that as the pups were then being weaned on a raw food diet also, (which they started on at 3 weeks with vigour)....we waved goodbye to our previous weaning ways! No more puppy porridge mess everywhere....No more upset tummies (as previously we would then have changed their diet again after the porridge to the chosen puppy kibble diet).... No more upset tummies after their first vaccination....and also the puppies weren't as messy with that wonderful urine smell (that greeted you in the mornings when you first got up) were much less!! Firm, well formed stools from day 1 of weaning.....yay! And they did what contented puppies should do, sleep, play, eat and they were so quiet as their tums were full naturally!

All our dogs are now on this diet and we are finding that it is no more expensive per week to feed raw meaty bones and meat than the money you would spend on a 'decent' bag of kibble. Most butchers are very willing to help supply you with raw meaty bones as they get charged per weight to dispose of them! We have also sourced raw chicken carcasses/wings/necks from a local chicken supplier, who is extremely reasonable in cost and we can pick up fresh supplies every week.

We are no means experts in this new way of feeding for us and are learning every day, but proof is in the pudding so to speak and all our dogs relish meal times, their coats are shiny, all are keeping wonderful body condition, their stools are good and we have no more doggy bad breath!

Advantages of Feeding a Natural Raw Diet

A natural diet alleviates sensitive tummies, the result is easy to pick up well formed stools.
No more upset tummies.
Nutrients in a raw natural diet are easily assimilated during digestion.
You know exactly what you are feeding your dog and aware of every ingredient they consume.
Many dogs with skin allergies, ear infections, hair loss, stiffness of joints, benefit from a natural raw diet and can overcome these problems quite quickly once a raw diet is fed to them.
Teeth are cleaned whilst eating, naturally by chewing on bones, so avoiding periodontal diseases so common today and also exercises the facial muscles in a completely natural way.
Reduces the risk of contortion as they are not eating a high % of unnecessary carbs e.g. grains present in the kibble.
Extremely satisfying to see your dog enjoying their raw diet....we wouldn’t like the same boring bowl of food every day would we?!?So the results are happy, contented and healthy dogs!

Our puppies will leave for their new homes with some of the raw food that we use, together with a full guide and diet sheet to their natural raw diet, explaining it simply and clearly.
The feedback we have received from the new owners is very positive and the majority have kept their pups on the diet as they can see how fit, well and healthy they look.

If this diet is not for you and you want to change your puppy over to kibble, all we ask is that you do the change over process very gradually over a period of time to ensure the pup adjusts to the new food, or the puppy will have a very upset tummy if done too quickly.

Please always supervise your dog when feeding raw meaty bones.

For more information please see our Links page for books and websites that are excellent resources for this diet.