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"Shombay Shaamone"
Stud Book Number Gained


click here to download Bo's pedigree

The bitch from our first litter that we chose for ourselves from our mating between Jinx & Castor is called 'Bo' also known as Shombay Shaamone.

She has a fantastic nature and is so easy going, very laid back and takes everything in her stride.

Bo had a break from showing for a short time whilst we concentrated on our new son, but she came back bouncing and we were so proud that she obtained her Stud Book number under breed specialist Mrs Janet Parker of the Rejan kennel in July 2011- a brilliant day, thank you!

Bo became a wonderful dam in May 2012 and August 2013 and will now enjoy herself in "semi-retirement" by attending a few shows in Veteran bitch, whilst keeping a watchful eye over the pack here!
Our beautiful girl wins ** Best Veteran In Show ** at the RRCGB Open Show in June 2014 under breed specialist Mrs Michele Farleigh (Kinabula) - how proud are we!!

Bo ** BVIS** RRCGB Open June 14

Sept 2010 by L.Piehl
Bo winning Frank Bloom Memorial Stakes - Bournemouth 08 by Alan V Walker
Blackpool 07 by Carol Ann Johnson
Hound Show 11 by L.Aitken

Here are some of Bo's lovely critiques;
Mrs Michele Farleigh - RRCGB Open - June 2014 
"An 8yr old light wheaten bitch with the gentlest expression. Clean through neck, well constructed shoulder, very powerful over the rear, good width from pin to point of buttock. Well sprung rib with enough length, excellent depth of fore chest and brisket. I always admired this bitch, she still has a lovely balanced shape and outline. Steady mover".
Mr Rainier Vourinen –RR Club GB Champ - Sunday 30th September 2012 – 1st Mid Limit Bitch "Strong and sound bitch, very beautiful head, lovely neck, good ridge & crowns, excellent brisket, well angulated, good feet and sound movement".

Mrs Janet Parker (Rejan) - Breed Specialist.
East of England Champ -Sun July 10th 2011.
1st Limit Bitch " Older type bitch like we used to have. Excellent conformation and well balanced. Best mover in the class & well handled".

Mrs Dorothy Grayson-Wood (Isiqa) - Breed Specialist.
RR Club GB Champ Show- Sun 26th Sep 2010
"2nd PGB,Tredwell & Symonds’s Shombay Shaamone.
A similar type of bitch to 1, with the best of heads and expression. She is a quality Ridgeback with all the breed points and qualities. Moved very well”.

Mr Peter Broadbent Welsh KC Aug 2009.
"1st PGB, Light wheaten, delightful head, strong neck & topline, sound quarters, tight feet, very alert, moved out good".

Mr Frank H Whyte -RR Club of Scotland Open - April 2008.
"A small but quality class, 1st Shombay Shaamone. I liked this girl for her overall honesty and breed type, no exaggeration, good bone, body & topline, good tailset, well developed quarters and presented in good condition, just a little out of coat for me as this can happen to the girls at times but she put in every effort when her handler asked her, resulting in her winning this class and the RBB".

Mrs Vivien Philips - Hound Show Scotland April 2008 -
"1st Shombay Shaamone -Good head on this lady with an excellent front. Well let down with ribs go well back. Very free on the move, & pushed hard for the challenge".

Bo’s show results so far are below:

RR Club of GB Champ - Sunday September 30th 2012 - 1st Mid Limit Bitch under Mr Rainier Vourinen. Extra special proud day as its only 16 weeks after Bo having her litter.

CRUFTS – Sunday 11th March 2012 – 4th Limit Bitch under breed specialist Ms Sue Campbell (Nyassa).

Bournemouth Champ Show – Saturday 13th August 2011 – 3rd Limit Bitch under Mr Tom Johnstone.

Hound Show Champ Show – Saturday 6th August 2011 -3rd Limit Bitch under breed specialist Mrs Anthea Fox (Sonstraal).

East of England Champ Show – Sunday 10th July 2011 – 1st Limit Bitch under breed specialist Mrs Janet Parker (Rejan) in a very strong class! Whoop, Whoop!! This gave our beautiful girl her well deserved Stud Book Number – a fantastic day!

Scottish Kennel Club Champ Show – Friday 20th May 2011 – 3rd Limit Bitch under breed specialist Miss Gill Lawless (Faahac).

CRUFTS – Saturday 11th March 2011 – Bo showed beautifully but was unplaced in Limit Bitch at a very controversial show! under Mrs E Tan-Hietalahti (Finland).

RR Club of GB Champ Show – Sunday 26th September 2010 – 2nd Post Graduate Bitch under breed specialist Mrs Dorothy Grayson-Wood (Isiqa) – what a lovely return back to the ring for Bo!!

We then gave Bo a few months break from showing whilst Rachel & Wayne concentrated on the new Shombay ‘arrival’ – Master Ashton Jake Symonds born 11th July 2010!!!

Worcester & Malvern Open – Sunday 2nd Jan 2010 – 1st Post Graduate Bitch and RBOB under Mrs Liz Dunhill.

Leominster CS Open – Sunday 28th December 2009 – 2nd AV Hound Post Graduate under Helena Hutchings.

LKA Champ Show – Saturday 12th Dec 2009 – 2nd Post Graduate Bitch under breed specialist Mrs Chrissy Nuttall (Monduri).

South Wales Champ Show - Friday 9th October 2009 – 1st Open Bitch then Reserve Best Sex in Breed under Mr G Fulcher, 4th out of 30 in Bannerdown Special Beginners Stakes under Mr Hedd Richards and a great 2nd place in the Reserve Best Sex Stakes under Mrs Sue Garner.

Welsh KC Champ show - Friday 21st August 2009 - 1st Post Graduate Bitch under Mr Peter Broadbent.

Hound Show Open -Sunday 29th March – 1st Open bitch and she then takes Best Opposite Sex under breed specialist Mr Clive Brownlee (Jambaro).

CRUFTS - Thursday 5th March 2009 -3rd place in Mid-Limit Bitch under Miss ATE Haapaniemi (Finland).

Manchester Champ Dog Show - Thursday 15th January 2009 - 4th place Bannerdown Special Beginners under Mrs Liz Stannard.

Worcester & Malvern Open - Saturday 3rd January 2009 - - 1st Open bitch under Mr David Bates and then has a good 2nd place in the stakes class under Mrs Diana Spavin.

Bournemouth Champ Show - Saturday 9th August 2008 - was a very wet & windy day! Bo won the Frank Bloom Memorial Stakes under Mr Steve Hall.
Paignton Champ Show - Tuesday 5th August 2008- 1st Graduate bitch under Mr Jeff Horswell.

East of England Champ Show - Tuesday 15th July 2008 - 4th place in Mid-Limit Bitch under Mrs Dorothy Grayson-Wood, then had a great 4th place out of 66 dogs (no absentees!!) for the Special Beginners Stakes (AV Hound/Toy/Terrier) under Mrs Eleanor Bothwell.

Sunday 13th July, we took Jinx & Bo up to Cheryl & John Mackfall's beautiful home for the Midlands & Northern Ridgeback Club Fun Day, to raise funds for Welfare. A great day spent in the sun with other ridgies and their owners and we even attempted the agility course, which Jinx loved!

South Wales Champ Show - Thursday 3rd July 2008 - No cc's on offer for our breed but Bo won 1st Post Graduate bitch under Mrs Diane Cook.
Blackpool Champ Show - Saturday 20th June 2008 - 3rd in Limit Bitch under Ann McDonald and then a nice 4th place in the Dog World Open Stakes under Mr Martin Freeman.

Three Counties -Thursday 12th June 2008 - 2nd in Post Graduate Bitch under breed specialist Gordon Cunningham (Walamandengie).

WELKS Champ Show - Friday 25th April 2008 - 3rd Limit Bitch under breed specialist Mr Jack Selby (Eilack).

Leominster CS Open Show - Sunday 20th April 2008 - 1st Post Graduate, Best of Breed under Mr Alf Wood – great day!!!

Hound Association Scotland Champ Show April 08 - 1st Yearling Bitch under Mrs Viv Phillips.

RR Club Scotland Open Show April 08 - 1st Post Graduate Bitch & Reserve Best Bitch under Mr Frank Whyte (Kazval).

CRUFTS - Sunday 8th March 2008 - 4th out of 13 in Post Graduate bitch under Mrs E Megginson (South Africa).

Manchester Champ Show - Sunday 20th January 2008- 4th out of 13 in Post Graduate bitch under breed specialist Karen Rimmer (Kylini).

RR Club of GB Champ Show Sunday 23rd September 2007 under breed specialist Mrs Janet Parker (Rejan), Bo had 4th in Yearling bitch (11 in class). Shombay were 2nd in the Progeny Class.

Welsh KC Champ Show August 2007- 5th Junior Bitch (whilst still a puppy) under Dr SL Hemstock & 5th in Petplan Junior Stakes under Mr Tom Johnston.

Houndshow August 2007- 3rd Puppy Bitch under Mrs Liz Cartledge.

Midlands & Northern RR Club Champ Show July 2007 - 2nd Puppy Bitch under breed specialist Mrs Sue Simper (Matabelle).

Windsor Champ Show - 1st July 2007 - 4th Puppy Bitch under Dagmar Kenis Pordman.

Blackpool Champ Show 23rd June 2007 - 4th Puppy Bitch under Mr Denys Simpson and 5th in Puppy Stakes under Mr Robin Newhouse.

Three Counties Champ Show 14th June 2007 - 1st Junior Bitch under Mr Graham Hill.

Southern Counties Champ Show 2nd June 2007 - 3rd Puppy Bitch under Mr Wilf Webster.

Bath Champ Show 28th May 2007 - 3rd Puppy Bitch under Zena Thorn-Andrews.

Birmingham National 28th May 2007 - 3rd Minor Puppy Bitch under Mr Keith Thornton.

Southern RR Assoc Champ Show 6th May 2007 - 4th Minor Puppy Bitch under breed specialist Miss Gill Lawless (Faahac).

WELKS 29th April 2007 - 2nd Minor Puppy Bitch under Mrs WM Adams.

Hound Assoc Scotland 24th April 2007 - 4th Puppy Bitch under Mr Paul Singleton.

Sutton Coldfield CS 24th Feb 2007 - 1st Junior Bitch & Best Puppy under Mrs Julie Mounfield and Hound Puppy Group 3 under Ms Sue Campbell (Nyassa) what a lovely day to start her showing career, thank you to both judges!