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Castor & Jinx - where Shombay all began!

Zoro James of Shombay
25/10/2002 - 09/09/2013

Courtesy Alan V Walker - Hound Day Special Beginner Stakes Winner South Wales 06

Our family said our final goodnight to our beloved Castor on the 9th September 2013.

This wonderful lad taught us so much about the breed and for that we owe him so much.  His children and grand-children live on through his legacy and we are so proud and grateful to him for the start of our Shombay line.

Run free dear Puddy boy over the Rainbow Bridge and give Florrie dog a kiss from us.   
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Castor has done so well, considering we never bought him as a "show dog"!  Castor has now been castrated after siring 3 lovely litters and is now enjoying his 'retirement'!

Born 25th October 2002, Castor made his debut at Three Counties in 2003 and won Best Puppy. Following on from that he had some lovely wins at both Open & Championship shows and both handler & dog gained some confidence along the way! Castor has also been the Hound Day winner of 3 Special Beginners Stakes Classes -all with over 30 dogs present in the class.

At Bath 2006, under Mr J. Aitken -Johnson, Castor won Limit Dog and took the Reserve Challenge Certificate, which gained him his Stud Book Number, which we were so proud of.

One of his critiques read "wonderful masculine head & expression, well arched neck into a good lay of shoulder, nice length of upper arm & correctly angled pasterns, good depth of chest, super top line, a v.typical dog with impressive movement".

Most importantly to us is that he is a perfect gentleman with a kind and gentle temperament, which he has passed onto his progeny.
Hip Score 7/6 

Morlingcourt Miss HiJinks of Shombay

Born on the 24th April 2004, Jinx made her debut in the ring at Midland Counties in October 2005 and was placed 2nd in Puppy Bitch, qualifying first time out for Crufts 2006.

Jinx won many Best Puppy's and Hound Puppy Groups 1 & 3. She then moved up to Post Graduate and being placed 2nd a few times, won at Birmingham National (May 2006) under Jill Peak, which was lovely as we were planning to mate her shortly after.
Her critique read "Stood out in this class, nice head & eye, clean neck & shoulders, good legs, strong feet, good balance, went well".

We mated her to Castor and she became a fantastic dam to a 13 strong litter in August 2006.

She was only lightly shown after, but had a good 4th place in Limit Bitch at Crufts 2007,2nd in Limit Bitch at Paignton 2007 and 3rd Limit Bitch at Paignton 2008.
Jinx was then mated to Veldtkammer Get OfA My Cloud and in December 2008 she became a proud mum to 12 puppies. We unfortunately lost a puppy at a week old but the 11 remaining puppies are doing us proud and all left for their new homes in February 2009.

Jinx's superb temperament made her a fantastic dam and to have at home. She is a very loving bitch.....but on her terms!! especially if there is a spare seat on the sofa or a sunny spot in the garden, we (us human's) won't get a look in!