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Shombay News & Show Results


2015 News & Results

 M&N RR Open Show - 28th November 2015 - Mortimer 1st Limit Dog under breed specialist judge Mr Mark Canon (Abayomi). His critique reads: "Red wheaten dog, starting to show his maturity, very fit, well conditioned & muscled. Held his topline on the move and was true both coming & going. Good length of neck leading to a good spring of rib, length of loin & tailset. Well presented".

 Midland Counties Champ - 24th October 2015 - Mortimer 4th Limit Dog under breed specialist Mrs Anne Woodrow (Mirengo).


South Wales Championship Show - 10th October - Mortimer 1st Limit Dog, thus proudly gaining his Stud Book Number under Mr Frank Kane.


Proud Ashton & Mortimer South Wales 2015

RRCGB Championship Show - Sunday 27th September - Mortimer 3rd Limit dog under Mrs Kirsteen Maidment.

Saturday 8th August - Our first Shombay camping trip with our son Ashton!

In the morning was Bournemouth Championship Show - - Mortimer 3rd Limit Dog under Mr J Walton-Haddon then in the afternoon was South West Hound Open Show where Mortimer won Open Dog and BOB! Thanks to our breed judge Mrs Lorraine Baillie (Saddletor) for thinking so highly of Mortimer! He was beautifully handled by our friend Ali, as Rachel had cut her hand nastily earlier in the day and was unable to show him....but what a day, we were on cloud 9!! Mortimer's critique reads: "2 year old dark red wheaten. Have admired this boy for some time and he did not disappoint me. Shown in superb condition. Masculine head, good depth of muzzle, correct round eye, super front, lovely deep chest and length of loin. Was not very settled in his class on movement, but in the challenge moved out superbly with great length of stride & purpose. Pleased to award him BOB".

After a difficult birth, our precious singleton puppy "Storm" entered the world on Sunday 23rd August. Her mum Vesper is doing a grand job raising her. Really lovely to have our 3rd generation Shombay puppy here.

Hound Association Championship Show - Saturday 1st August - Mortimer 2nd Limit Dog and Kanyon 4th Veteran Dog under breed specialist Mrs Dorothy Grayson-Wood (Isiqa). Her critique reads: "23 months r/wheaten dog. A typical head for the breed with lovely dark, round eye. Strong neck & shoulders. Good legs & feet. Capacious chest. Strong topline with correct ridge. Correct tailset. Accurate, driving movement".

East of England Championship Show - Friday 10th July - Mortimer 2nd Post Graduate Dog under Mrs Z Rawson. Her critique reads: "Another promising youngster, slightly heavier than winner, good overall balance, a powerful dog, correct topline moved well".

Windsor Championship Show - Sunday 5th July - Mortimer 2nd Limit Dog and Kanyon 2nd Veteran Dog under Mr Hector Heathcote. His critique reads for Mortimer: "Another strong well muscled dog with good bone. Clean flat skull. Excellent ribbing, well carried back. Moved well. Just slightly too tight in feet".

Kanyon's critique: "Darker 7yr old with masculine head of good proportions. High set ears. Strong neck. Pleasing in depth and carry back of ribbing. Balance of his angulation helps him score well in profile movement".

Blackpool Championship Show - Saturday 27th June - Mortimer 1st Post Graduate Dog and Kanyon 3rd Veteran Dog under Mr Mark Cocozza. Mortimer's critique reads:"Lovely size & type dog, like his proportions, good head, eye & ears, neck, topline & depth, well ribbed, tail a fraction low set, moderate & balance & has nice easy powerful gait".

16th June - We take Vesper to Europe for her mating with the handsome Multi International Champion Shangani Ghalip Chacha Chewe of the Ushindi kennel in France - 3 great matings with all fingers & paws crossed now!

RRCGB Open Show - Sunday 7th June -  Mortimer 1st Post Graduate Dog under breed specialist Mr Mike House (Lobengula). Mortimer's critique reads: " Red wheaten, Good bone & substance. Lovely head with good proportions. Strong neck and good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Chest not yet dropped to elbow, well ribbed back. Good rear angulation. Moved out with purpose".

Bath Championship Show - Monday 25th May - Mortimer VHC Post Graduate Dog under Mrs Janet Parker (Rejan).

Birmingham National Championship Show - Saturday 9th May - Mortimer 2nd Post Graduate Dog under breed specialist Mrs Julie Bates (Gunthwaite). Her critique reads:"a well balanced head, clean neck, well laid shoulders, strong topline, good angles front & aft. Shown in good condition. Moved freely".

SRRA Championship Show - Sunday 3rd May - Mortimer 1st Post Graduate Dog under Mr Peter Jolley. His critique reads: "Dark body, super outline, very well balanced, excellent feet, good angles front & rear, correct ridge & crowns, walks well & a flowing mover. A very pleasing boy".

A lovely trip up to Edinburgh for a weekend away with Ashton for Hound Association of Scotland Championship Show - Saturday 11th April - Mortimer 2nd Post Graduate Dog and Vesper 2nd Open Bitch under Mrs Jill Peak.  Mortimer's critique: "19 month male not making the best of himself, good head proportions, good eye shape, strong muzzle, good bone, legs & feet, good body & balance, strong quarters, moved well when settled".

Vesper's critique: " 3 yr old bitch, another nice one, pleasing head proportions, good eye shape, clean neck & shoulders. Strong straight bone, good body & outline, oved well in profile, touch untidy in front". 

CRUFTS - Saturday 7th March - Kanyon 2nd Good Citizen & Mortimer 3rd Post Graduate Dog under breed specialist judge Mrs Gill Lawless (Faahac).

A very busy 4 days spent in Birmingham...setting up of the RR Discover Dogs stand, attending the Pawscars event, showing the dogs on Saturday and then Wayne joined Rachel & Kanyon, Vesper & Mortimer for their ever popular slot on the Discover Dogs stand - we love doing this so much and so do the hounds! Kanyon's critique reads: "Red wheaten of good length & proportions. Masculine head with a dark round eye. Good level topline and length to ribcage, strong loin and good tail set. Well boned limbs, good angles both fore & aft. Powerful mover with plenty of drive". 

Manchester Championship Show - Thursday 15th January 2015 - Mortimer 2nd Junior Dog under Mr Tom Johnston. His critique reads: "Good head proportions and well set ears, good type and size and also presented in good body condition, moved well when settled, also needs time to drop and fill the frame" 

Mortimer Amsterdam Winners 2014

12th /13th December 2014 - We travelled into Europe to Amsterdam for The Winners Show! What an experience showing under FCI rules and a fantastic few days spent with friends. Mortimer was graded 'Excellent' and Vesper 'Very Good' under Mr Hans Van den Berg (NL) and we were extremely proud of them as they were in such excellent RR company!

16th November - Wayne and Rachel visited the wonderful Ushindi kennel to see Kanyon & Ema's beautiful puppies - fantastic litter and very proud grand-parents!!

RRC Scotland Champ - Sunday 2nd November 2014 - A long trip up to Lanark but so worth it!! Mortimer 1st JD & 1st YD and Vesper VHC Open Bitch under Mr Moray Armstrong. His critique reads: "Masculine dog of good make and shape, pleasing head, bone & feet, strong quarters with good ridge, excellent forechest lacking in some today. Moved OK. He was not happy with the floor, pity" 

South Wales Champ - Friday 10th October - Mortimer 2nd JD under Mr Graham Hill.

"A well made 14 month old pleasing quality young male who has a balanced profile with an athletic look. Strong masculine head with good eye shape, ears and expression. True front which is well boned but has a tendency to toe in which should improve with the tightness of maturity. Good size and proportions of body and clear ridge. Moderate in angulations front and well-made body with plenty of scope for development and maturity. Moved well and true once settled".

RRCGB Champ - Sunday 28th September - Mortimer 1st JD and Vesper 4th Open Bitch under breed specialist Mrs Cath Davis (Imola).

"13 month red male. Impressive balanced Masculine head with a good dark eye giving a kind expression. Excellent strong reach of neck leading to a good forechest, good bone and very tight feet. Good depth to chest, well sprung ribs and good length of loin. Well-muscled hind quarters with good rear angulation which gave a balanced outline overall. Did not disappoint on the move which was strong, free and covered the ground well. Most together of this class. Good ridge and crowns. Once finished he should do well".

Kington Agricultural Open Show - Saturday 13th September 2014 - Mortimer wins Best AVNSC Hound, Hound Group 1 then **Best In Show** under Mr Jeff Luscott.  A truly lovely day and one to remember!  

Welsh KC Champ – Friday 15th August 2014 – Mortimer 1st Puppy Dog and BPD

and Vesper VHC Open Bitch under Mr N Newton.

Paignton Champ – Sunday 3rd August 2014 – Mortimer 2nd Junior Dog under Mrs

J. Morris.

 Midlands & Northern RR Champ – Mortimer VHC Puppy Dog under Ms D. Brennan.

Blackpool Champ – Saturday 21st June 2014 – Mortimer 1st PD under Mr Gavin Robertson….also dad Kanyon’s 6th birthday .Happy birthday big lad.

  RRCGB Open - Sunday 8th June 2014 - Well!! What a day....we bring our dear Bo out for a fun day out in the ring and she goes onto win ** BEST VETERAN IN SHOW** under breed specialist Mrs Michele Farleigh (Kinabula). Thank you for such a fantastic day!

"An 8 yr. old light wheaten bitch with the gentlest expression. Clean through neck, well constructed shoulder, very powerful over the rear, good width from pin to buttock. Well sprung rib with enough length, excellent depth of forechest and brisket. I always admired this bitch, she still has a lovely balanced shape & outline. Steady mover".

**Best Veteran In Show** RRCGB Open

2 best friends!

Three Counties Champ – Friday 6th June 2014 – Mortimer 3rd PD under Mrs Melanie Dunn.

Southern Counties Champ – Saturday 31st May 2014 – Mortmer 2nd PD & Vesper 3rd LB under Mrs Sue Pollock-Yule.

SRRA Champ – Sunday May 4th 2014 – Mortimer 2nd MPD and Vesper VHC under breed specialist Mrs Gillian Craven (Hespa).

WELKS Champ – Friday 25th April – Mortimer 2nd MPD and Vesper 2nd LB under Mrs Marianne Nixon.

Hound Association of Scotland Champ – Saturday 12th April 2014 – A lovely but bracing weekend trip over the border for Mortimer’s first championship show… and he did us proud!  Qualifying for Crufts 2015 at his first show, he achieved a lovely 2nd place in PD. Sister Vesper had a credible 4th in LB under Mr Eddie Patterson.

Wellingborough & District Open – Sunday March 30th 2014 – Mortimer 2nd PD/B and Vesper 1st Limit D/B under Mrs Chris Vincent.  Vesper’s critique :- a very nice neat bitch.  Feminine head, good neck & shoulder. Super length of loin, nice rear angles. Moved well & held her topline. Tight feet, good ridge & crowns”.

Crufts 6-9th March 2014 - a very busy week spent at the NEC! Attended the first 'Pawscars' event on the Wednesday evening, which was a lovely night celebrating the UK's top honours in the world of dog showing.  A few hours on Thursday enjoying watching the Working & Pastoral breeds.
Friday we were showing Vesper and her father Kanyon.  Kanyon won a lovely 1st place in Good Citizen dog!!! and Vesper showed beautifully but just not her day under judge Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews.  Great day spent with friends from home & abroad!
Then on final day Sunday, Wayne & I took Kanyon and Vesper for our shift to help on the RR stand on Discover Dogs.....they and us so enjoy this day talking about our beautiful breed and the dogs love the attention!

Gloucester & District CS Open  - Saturday 22nd February 2014 - Mortimer's (Shombay Dark Knight Rises) first show and what a little star he was! He won Junior, then Best Puppy and Best of Breed (beating his sister Vesper  who won Open) and then Hound Puppy Group 4.  Thank you to the judge Miss Helen Geeson for a really lovely day!

Manchester Champ – Thursday 16th January 2014 – What a start to the showing year!! Vesper (Shombay Once is Enough) at 19 months of age, wins a strong Limit Bitch class under respected all rounder judge Mrs Liz Cartledge. This win gives Vesper her Stud Book Number and lifetime qualification for Crufts. We are so proud of our girl and it was also Rachel’s 41st birthday….what a fantastic birthday present! Her critique reads "1st Tredwell & Symonds' Shombay Once Is Enough. 20 mths, good moving Ridgeback in excellent form, quality head, bright dark eyes, intelligent expression, clean outline, well proportioned, firm topline, strong quarters, covered plenty of ground on the move, well handled"

2013 News & Results
Saturday 14th December 2013 - A little trip with friends (no dogs) over to Amsterdam for The Winners Dog Show.  Great to finally see & meet some European dogs in the flesh! Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Tuesday 12th November 2013 - Our final little girl Bemba left for France today....very hard on the heartstrings as her & Mortimer were best of buds, but we do find it easier to part knowing she has a fantastic new home with wonderful new owners!  She travelled well on the long journey and took everything in her stride bless her.

M&N RR Club Rescue Open Show - Saturday 23rd October 2013 - Great day of fundraisng to help RR's less fortunate than ourselves.  Kanyon had 2nd in Open Dog (Mr M Street) and Vesper had 3rd in Junior Bitch (Mr R Sadler).

Wednesday 16th October 2013 - A very enjoyable few days away to Jersey to take one of our puppies to their forever new home.  We also took dad Kanyon & big sister Vesper for the ride to keep the little one company on the sea proud of how he trotted into his new home without batting an eyelid after the long journey.  Beautiful quiet beaches made it doggy heaven for Kanyon & Vesper and a wonderful stay with great new owners was just awesome.

Sunday 13th October 2013 - The Shombay D litter start to leave for their new homes today - we wish them well and thank all our new Shombay family for providing such amazing homes for our puppies.

Sunday 5th October 2013 - Pups are now 7 weeks old!!  Mixed emotions now as we prepare final arrangements for our little ones to help in their new lives in their forever homes.

Saturday 5th October 2013 - Interclub Challenge at Stockport - Kanyon & Vesper were asked to join the RR Club of GB's team for a knockout match between the UK RR breed clubs judged by Ms M Franke (Netherlands) - a lovely day spent with friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

RR Club of GB Champ Show – Sunday 29th September 2013 – Our dogs showed beautifully as always, but just not their day to be in the cards, but Kanyon's son Ted (Zejak Kapanga) won PD  - brilliant! ...however Rachel was kept busy in her new role looking after the silverware, as Trophy Steward for the RR Club of GB!!

Monday 9th September 2013 – Heartbreaking day for all of us at Shombay as we said our final goodnight to Castor (Zoro James of Shombay).  He will be truly missed by us all and without him our Shombay line would not have started

.  Run free dear lad.

Richmond Champ Show - Friday 6th September - Vesper wins JB in a really strong class - so proud of our little girl!  Thank you to our judge, breed specialist Mrs Cilla Saunders (Bruet).

Sunday 18th August - Puppies have arrived!
5 boys & 4 girls all ridged.  Bo and the new arrivals dong really well.

Bournemouth Champ - Monday 12th August - Kanyon takes a great 4th in Open Dog and Vesper 1st in JB under Mr Frank H Whyte(Kazval)- BRILLIANT day!

Hound Association Champ - Saturday 3rd August - Vesper 3rd JB under Miss Gill Lawless (Faahac).

Saturday 27th July - Rachel judged the Pembridge Exemption show and found her BPIS a Pomeranian & BIS a Pointer.

Thursday 18th July - Lovely news -Bo is confirmed in whelp with an ultrasound scan!

M & N RR Club Champ - Saturday 13th July - Vesper VHC in JB under P. Singleton.

Border Union Champ - Saturday 15th June - Vesper 2nd JB under Mr J Horswell.

Three Counties Champ - Thursday 6th June - Vesper 3rd JB and Ted (Shombay Taynth Commander) 2nd JD under Ms D Fuller (Nyuki).

Southern Counties Champ - Saturday 1st June - Ted (Shombay Taynth Commander) 4th PD under Mrs L Storey.

Bath Champ - Monday 27th May - Ted (Shombay Taynth Commander) 4th Puppy Dog - Vesper (Shombay Once is Enough)5th Puppy Bitch and Kanyon's 2 sons (Teddy & Django) make their debut into the show ring by winning 1st & 2nd in MPD (qualifying for Crufts 2014 at their 1st show) under Mr A.Lord Edwards.  Vesper 5th in Purina Puppy Stakes under Mrs L Salt.

SRRA Champ - Sunday 5th May - Vesper 3rd Puppy Bitch under Mr Goran Bodegard.

WELKS  Champ - Sunday 28th April - Vesper (Shombay Once is Enough) 4th Puppy Bitch under Mrs L Barnes.

Leominster CS Open - Sunday 21st April  - Vesper (Shombay Once is Enough) 2nd RR Graduate, BPIB & Hound Puppy Group 4 and Kanyon 2nd Open under Mr Jon Crossley.

Hound Association Scotland - Saturday 13th April 2013 - A long road trip up north of the border with Trudy & super Ted, but worth it!  Vesper 1st Puppy Bitch and Ted (Shombay Taynth Commander) VHC Puppy Dog.

April 6th 2013 - A wonderful trip to Italy to visit the lovely Sara Venturelli and her wonderful kennel Harmakhis Wisdom.

March 17th2013– Fantastic news from Germany that Kanyon has become a Grand-dad! His son Matobo Hills Baka-Simai sired his first litter and the beautiful puppies have arrived –congratulations from us all!!

CRUFTS - Saturday 9th March 2013 -
Rachel & wayne travel back up to the NECwith Kanyon and daughter Vesper to help on the Discover Dogs Rhodesian Ridgeback stand. They both behaved impeccably, a credit to us and the breed and we spent a lovely afternoon talking to lots of people about our wonderful breed!

CRUFTS - Thursday 7th March 2013 - Kanyon 2nd in GC Dog & his daughter Vesper 3rd Special Puppy Bitch under breed specialist Mrs Ann Gates (Eagleridge). What a fab day - thank you!

Newtown & District CS Open - Sunday 3rd March -
Kanyon 1st in AVNSC Hound Open & Vesper 2nd place in AVNSC Hound Puppy under Daniel Roberts. Vesper 2nd in AV Puppy Stakes under Richard Chaffe.

Litchfield CS Open - Saturday 26th January 2013 - Vesper 3rd in Junior & Kanyon 4th in Open under Fay Hutchings.

Boston Champ Show - Saturday 12th January 2013 -
Vesper wins 1st place in Minor Puppy bitch under Mrs Jill Peak and qualifies for Crufts 2014 at the first show of the year!
So proud of our little girl.
Her critique reads "1st Shombay Once is Enough. 7 month old bitch, lovely type, good head and epression, nice legs and feet, good body and outline. Went well both ways and in profile".

Worcester & Malvern CS Open - Saturday 5th January 2013 - No breed classes on offer. Vesper 3rd AVNSC Hound Puppy & Kanyon 3rd AVNSC Hound Open under Alison Morton. Vesper then takes 1st place in the Crufts Qualifier AV Puppy stakes class under Mr Martin Phillips (Jaeva) with over 15 puppies in the class!

2012 News & Results

Yeovil & District Open - 30th December 2012 - ShombayTaynth Commander (Ted) 3rd in Graduate and RR BP under Mr Cross - well done Ted & Trudy lovely results!
Bristol & District Open - 22nd December 2012 -
Shombay Taynth Commander (Ted) 3rd place in Post Graduate under Chris Pascoe and 3rd in AV Puppy under Mary Pascoe.

LKA Champ Show Sunday 16th December 2012 - Vesper qualifies for Crufts 2013 at her first champ show of the year with a fantastic 2nd place in Minor Puppy bitch and a 4th in Puppy bitch. under Mr Graham Hill.  Her litter brother Ted (Shombay Taynth Commander) has a great 4th place in Minor Puppy dog. Great day for our Shombay puppies! 

Ludlow KA Limited Show Sunday 2nd December 2012 - The newest addition to the Shombay pack Shombay Once is Enough aka "Vesper" makes her debut into the show ring at 6 months & 4 days old! She was a little star and enjoyed herself to a very credible 4th place in AV Hound Minor puppy.

November 2012 - Kanyon is a dad to 10 lovely pups with Zeena ( Zejak Majuzi).

RR Club of GB Champ Show Sunday 30th September 2012-
Our beautiful Bo (Shombay Shaamone) only 16 weeks after whelping 10 puppies is back in the ring and wins 1st place in Mid Limit Bitch under Mr Rainier Vourinen. Her critique reads "Strong and sound bitch, very beautiful head, lovely neck, good ridge & crowns, excellent brisket, well angulated, good feet and sound movement". So proud of her, a really lovely day.

24th August 2012 - Happy 6th birthday to Bo and the rest of the crazy gang 2006 litter!

22nd July 2012 - Puppies at 8 weeks start to leave for their new homes - as always we thank our new owners for their wonderful new homes and new friendships made!

27th May 2012 - Puppies have arrived!! 10 beautiful babies (7 girls, 3 boys), all healthy and no ridgeless or DS. Well done Bo & Kanyon!!

CRUFTS - March 2012 - Bo (Shombay Shaamone) had a lovely 4th place in Limit Bitch under breed specialist Ms Sue Campbell (Nyassa).

2011 News & Results

SKC Champ Show Sun 28th August 2011 -
Kanyon's son JB (VeldtkammerTip Em Up) won Best Puppy under Mr N Bryce-Smith and the SKC Puppy Stakes under D Roe - what a fab day for you all - Dad is very proud x

Welsh KC Champ Show Fri 19th August 2011 -
we didn’t enter but Kanyon's son V.Tim Em Up won Best Puppy under Mr D Seaman and then won his class in Puppy Dog Stakes under M.King....way to go JB (& Andy & Louise)!!!

Bournemouth Champ Show Sat 13th August 2011 -
Kanyon has 3rd in Open Dog and Bo has 3rd in Limit Bitch under Tom Johnstone.

Hound Association Saturday 6th August 2011 -
Bo has 3rd in Limit bitch under breed specialist Mrs Anthea Fox (Sonstraal).

End of July 2011 Rachel and her co-driver Jodie took Kanyon and drove down to La Maurette in the South of France, home of the wonderful Shangani Kennel for Kanyon to mate with Multi Int CH Shangani Ufalme Lioness - puppies due end September/early October - we are very excited about these babies!!

East of England Champ Show Sun July 10th -
Bo won a strong Limit Bitch (gaining her Stud Book Number) and Kanyon had 5th in Open Dog under breed specialist Mrs Janet Parker (Rejan). What a great day!

Southern Counties Champ Show Sat June 4th 2011 -
Rufus (Shombay Shamakani of Amahle) has a great 3rd in Open Dog under judge Mr BL Davies.

Scottish KC Champ show- Fri 20th May 2011 -
A long drive up to Edinburgh but well worth the trip! Kanyon had 5th in Open Dog and Bo had a fantastic 3rd in Limit Bitch under Breed Specialist Miss Gill Lawless (Faahac).

CRUFTS- Sat 12 March 2011 - both our dogs were entered and unplaced but showed beautifully and also Rufus was unplaced but showed lovely as well.

CRUFTS - Thurs 10th March 2011 - Kanyon (Veldtkammer Hi Society of Shombay) and Rachel were invited to be part of the Veldtkammer Breeders Team at the Breeders Final - out of 25 top Breeder teams that took part we made it to the final 7 teams on the famous green carpet in the BIS ring! - A Huge achievement and a great day. Thank you for inviting us to be a part of it!!

2010 News & Results

1st December 2010 - Kanyon becomes a daddy again! This time with the beautiful Int Ch. Victoria Falls Chima -Lee of the wonderful Matobo Hills kennel in Germany. 6 boys & 5 girls all with ridges.....Well done Chima-Lee, Alexandra & Andreas!

Midland Counties Champ Show - Sunday 31st Oct 2010 - Rufus had 3rd in Limit Dog under judge Judy Harrington (USA) and Kanyon was part of the Veldtkammer Breeders team that took Hound Breeders Group 2nd place.

SRRA Open Show - Sun 17th October -
Rufus (Shombay Shamakani of Amahle) has 4th in Open Dog under Breed Specialist Mrs L. Parke.

South Wales Champ Show -Friday 8th October 2010 - Kanyon has 4th in Open Dog under breed specialist Mr C Brownlee (Jambaro).

RR Club of GB Champ Show - Sunday 26th Sept 2010 -
We took our Bo (Shombay Shaamone) out for the day and she had a great 2nd in Post Grad Bitch (critique below) and her litter brother Rufus had 4th in Limit Dog under Breed specialist Mrs Dorothy Grayson-Wood (Isiqa)“2nd Tredwell & Symond’s Shombay Shaamone. A similar type of bitch to 1with the best of heads and expression. She is a quality Ridgeback with all the breed points and qualities. Moved very well".

13th September 2010 - Kanyon became a daddy! Well done to Tate (Ch. Veldtkammer Face Bovvered) on the safe arrival of 5 healthy puppies.

Richmond Champ Show - Friday 10th Sept 2010 - Our first "family" dog showing day out since Ashton was born! Kanyon made the cut in Open dog, but no top honours & showed beautifully after his break, but Rufus (Shombay Shamakani of Amahle) had a fantastic 1st in Limit Dog under Denise Tyerman.

Welsh KC Champ Show - Friday 20th August 2010 - Rufus has 3rd in Limit Dog under breed specialist Mrs Janet Parker (Rejan).

Bournemouth Champ Show - Mon 16th August 2010 - Rufus has 3rd in Limit Dog under Mr Graham Hill.

Hound Association Champ Show - Sat 7th August 2010 - Rufus has 3rd in Limit Dog under Mr M. Christian Jouanchicot.

Paignton Champ Show - Wednesday 4th August 2010- Rufus has 5th in Limit Dog under Mrs Pam Blay.

Midlands & Northern RR Club Champ Show - Saturday 17th July 2010 - Rufus (Shombay Shamakani of Amahle) wins Limit Dog and then takes the DOG CC and RBIS under judge Ms D Kenis Pordham. Whoop Whoop well done Mandy & Bri and of course Rufus!!!!! so proud for you and Shombay kennels first homebred CC win! Rufus’ critique is as follows: "Dog CC For me this nearly four year old dog presented the proper combination of strength, size and construction to make for an agile, steady and determined hunting dog. He is a proper size, and with just the right amount of substance, at four years nicely mature. Rather strong in head and jaw, but kind calm expression, very well set ears. Excellent well muscled neck well angulated forehand, proper bone and feet. Stands very clean over his firm front. Capacious body, for me just the right depth of body and the correct length of leg. Moved so well in a firm ground covering action, also very true coming and going. Proud to give him his first CC”.

Sunday 11th July 2010 - SHOMBAY HAS A NEW ARRIVAL!!! Master Ashton Jake Symonds was born at 7.02am 7llb 14oz!

Windsor Champ Show - Thurs 1st July 2010 - Rufus takes 3rd place in Limit Dog under Mr Frank Kane.

Southern Counties - Sat 5th June - Rufus (Shombay Shamakani of Amahle takes a great 2nd place in Limit Dog under Mrs Eleanor Bothwell.

Bath Champ Show - Mon 31st May 2010 - Rufus (Shombay Shamakani of Amahle has 2nd in Limit Dog under Mrs GM Morison.

Birmingham National Champ Show - Friday 7th May - Kanyon wins Open Dog and then takes the Dog CC under Mrs Anne MacDonald - his first!!!! WHAT AN AMAZING DAY!! plus Rachel is 33 weeks pregnant which makes it even more special !! Shombay Shakarri at Isoke has a lovely 4th in Limit bitch as well - we flew home on cloud nine!

WELKS - Sunday 25th April 2010 - Kanyon made the final cut of 6 from a huge Open dog class and Shombay Shamakani of Amahle had 4th in Limit Dog under Mrs Pamela Mottershaw.

Hound Association of Scotland - Saturday 10th April 2010 - Kanyon has 3rd in Open Dog under breed specialist Mrs G Mitchelson (Gabisa).

Crufts 2010 - Nyah (Shombay Shakarri at Isoke) has 4th in Mid Limit Bitch & Kanyon has 4th in Good Citizen Dog.

Thursday 21st Jan 2010 - Manchester Champ Show - Kanyon is part of the Veldtkammer team that won Best Breeders in Breed, then Group 2 Hound Best Breeder.

Sat 2nd Jan 2010 - Worcester & Malvern Open - Kanyon wins Open and BOB and Bo wins Post Graduate and RBOB under judge Liz Dunhill and Kanyon then wins Hound Group 3 under Mr Martin Sanders. Kanyon then wins Crufts 2010 Qualified Open under Mr Mike Gadsby. A fantastic day!

2009 New
s & Results

Mon 28th December 2009 - Leominster CS Limited Show - Bo had 2nd in AV Hound Post Grad then Kanyon won AV Hound Open and went on to take BOS in Show under judge Miss Helena Hutchings - a great day!

28th December 2009 - HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY to the Shombay 2008 litter - thank you for all your cards & pictures that you have sent us!!! Can't believe where the time has gone!!! LKA - Saturday 12th December 2009 - Bo (Shombay Shaamone) has 2nd in PGB and Rufus (Shombay Shamakani at Amahle) has 5th in LD under breed specialist Mrs Chris Nuttall (Monduri).

Midland Counties Champ Show - Friday 23rd Oct 2009 - Kanyon has 2nd in Junior Dog under Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews.

South Wales Kennel Association- Friday 9th Oct 2009 -No CC's on offer for our breed but Kanyon wins Open dog and takes Reserve Best Sex in Breed and our Bo wins Open bitch and takes Reserve Best Sex in Breed under judge Mr G Fulcher then Bo wins 4th place in Special Beginners Stakes under Mr Hedd Richards (out of 30 dogs) and then a lovely 2nd in the Reserve Best of Stakes class under Mrs Sue Garner!!! A great day out!!!

Belfast Champ Show - Saturday 26th Sept 2009 - Kanyon wins Junior Dog & takes the Reserve Dog CC under Mrs Dianna Spavin. A wonderful weekend away in Northern Ireland!

Friday 18th September 2009 - A very long trip but worthwhile! up to Darlington Champ Show - Kanyon wins 1st place in Junior Dog under Ferelith Somerfield then has a lovely 4th place in Yearling Stakes under Mrs Sheila Jakeman.

Saturday 12th September 2009 - Kington Show - Kanyon wins 1st place in Open AVNSC Hound then takes Best AVNSC Hound under Mr Dave Oram.

Friday 11th September 2009- Richmond Champ Show - Kanyon wins 1st place in Junior Dog & Leo (Shombay AintArf Hot Mum) wins 1st place in Puppy Dog under Mr Mark Cocozza

Friday 4th September 2009 - City Birmingham Champ Show - Kanyon has 4th in Junior Dog and Leo (Shombay AintArf Hot Mum) has 2nd in Puppy dog under Dr S Hemstock. Kanyon & Leo also achieved their KC Bronze Good Citizen Award -well done!

Monday 24th August 2009 - A VERY HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY to the Shombay 2006 litter!!!!

Friday 21st August 2009 - Welsh KC Champ Show - We decided to bring out our Bo (Shombay Shaamone) and she thoroughly enjoyed her day and won 1st place in Post Graduate bitch! Shombay Aint ArfHot Mum (Leo) had a lovely 2nd place in Minor Puppy Dog under Peter Broadbent....a lovely day!

Sunday 9th August 2009 - Bournemouth Champ Show - We unfortunately didn't enter but Rufus (Shombay Shamakani of Amahle) had 2nd in Limit Dog then took the Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate, giving Rufus his Stud Book Number and lifelong qualification to Crufts!!!! Well done Mandy & Brian.....we are SO SO PROUD!!!!!!! Thank you to breed judge Ms Anthea Fox (Sonstraal).

Tuesday 4th August 2009 - Paignton Champ Show - Kanyon has 2nd in Junior Dog and Nyah (Shombay Shakarri at Isoke) has 2nd in Limit Bitch under Mr Mike Caple.

Saturday 1st August 2009 - Hound Show Champ Show-Kanyon has 4th In Junior Dog under Mr D Simpson.

Friday 10th July 2009 - East of England Champ Show - Kanyon has 3rd in Junior Dog and Nyah (Shombay Shakarri at Isoke) has 4th in Post Grad Bitch under breed judge Mrs G Cairns.

Windsor Champ Show - Friday 3rd July 2009 - Shombay Some Mums Do Hav'EM & Shombay Aint Arf HotMum make their debut.....and win 1st & 2nd place in Minor Puppy Dog respectively....qualifying for Crufts 2010 at their 1st champ show!!!!!! FANTASTIC WE ARE SO PROUD & WELL DONE!!!!!! We were not showing ourselves but MANY thanks to breed judge Mrs Jenny Morris (Bruet) for making the day very special!

Border Union Champ Show - Saturday 20th June 2009 - WHAT A WEEKEND!!!!!! Kanyon has 1st Puppy Dog, then wins the Reserve Dog CC (gaining his Stud Book Number) and then Best Puppy! Many thanks to judge Mr Martin Sanders for a fantastic weekend, well worth the long trip!!!!!!

Three Counties Show - Wednesday 17th June - Kanyon has 2nd place in Puppy Dog under breed judge Mrs Anna Ringer (Flametrees).

RR Club of GB Open Show - Sunday 14th June 2009 - Shombay Shamakani of Amahle has a great 2nd place in Limit Dog under breed judge Mrs Cilla Saunders.

Southern Counties Championship Show - Saturday 6th May 2009 - Kanyon has 3rd place in Puppy Dog under breed judge Miss Gill Lawless (Faahac).

Bath Championship Show - Monday 25th May 2009 - Another wonderful day! Shombay Shamakani of Amahle had 1st in Post Grad Dog and Shombay Shakari of Isoke had 1st in Post Grad Bitch-well done we are really proud!!! Our own Bo had 5th in Limit Bitch and Kanyon had 4th in Puppy Dog under Editha Newton. Kanyon was also part of the Veldtkammer team that won the RR Breeders Class, then took Hound Group 2 Breeders under J. Minns and thus qualifying the Veldtkammer team for a place in the Breeders Grand Final at Crufts 2010.

Saturday 16th May 2009 - Scottish Kennel Club - Kanyon was 2nd in Puppy Dog under Mrs Pat Thorne then 4th in Purina Pro Plan Puppy Stakes with 30 dogs in the class. Kanyon was also part of the winning Veldtkammer team that won the Best Breeders in the Hound Group...what a day!!!!!

Friday 7th May 2009 - Birmingham National Champ Show - Kanyon 3rd in Puppy Dog under Keith Thornton and VHC in Purina Pro Plan Puppy stakes under Mrs Freda Marshall with over 30 in the class. Kanyon was part of the team that won the RR Breeders Class then went onto win Hound Group 2 Best Breeders!

WELKS - Saturday 25th April 2009 - Shombay Shamakani at Amahle had 3rd in Post Graduate Dog and Kanyon had 5th in puppy dog under breed specialist Mrs Sue Simper (Matabelle). Kanyon was then part of the winning Veldtkammer team that took Best Breeder in Breed and then had a great 2nd place in the Hound Group Best Breeder competition.

Leominster CS Open Show - Sunday 19th April 2009 - Great day!!!! Kanyon won Best Puppy, Best of Breed and Hound Puppy Group 3 under Mr Roy Goodby. Then had 3rd in the puppy stakes under Ferelith Somerfield.

Hound Association Scotland Saturday 11th April 2009 - Shombay Shakarri at Isoke (Nyah) had a lovely 2nd place in Post Graduate Bitch, Bo had 5th in Limit Bitch and Kanyon had 5th in puppy dog. Kanyon and I were in the Breeders stakes that took first place with the Veldtkammer team in the Rhodesian Ridgeback breeders class.

Hound Show Open Sunday 29th March 2009 - Kanyon had 3rd in puppy and Bo won Open bitch and then went Best Opposite Sex under breed specialist Mr Clive Brownlee.

CRUFTS - Thursday 5th March 2009 - WHAT A FANTASTIC day for our kennel!!!! Shombay Shamakani at Amahle (Rufus) won his Post Graduate class (13entries,2 abs), Shombay Shakarri (Nyah) won Post Graduate bitch (21entries,5abs) and our own Bo (Shombay Shaamone) had 3rd in Mid Limit Bitch (16 entries, 2abs)Thank you to our judge Miss ATE Haapaniemi (Finland) and to our Shombay owners for making it such an amazing day....WELL DONE GUYS we are so proud of you!!!!!!!! Also a HUGE well done to our Kanyon's mum (Int,Ir & GB Ch. Veldtkammer Lady Done a Bunk JW) for again taking the Bitch CC and Best of Breed......Go 'Hassle'!!!!!!!!

Thursday 15th January 2009 -Manchester Championship Dog Show - Kanyon's debut champ show & we qualified for Crufts 2010 with a 3rd in Minor puppy dog under breed specialist Mrs Melanie Dunn. Bo had a great 4th place in the Bannerdown Special Beginners Stakes under Mrs Liz Stannard. A lovely day had by all!

Saturday 3rd January 2009 - Kanyon's first show at Worcester & Malvern CS under breed specialist David Bates- he had 3rd in a large puppy class, but most importantly, enjoyed his first experience at a busy show! Bo won her class as well and had a nice 2nd place in a stakes class under Mrs Diana Spavin.

Sunday 28th December 2008 - Jinx became the proud mum to 12 ridged puppies. Well done Jinx!

Monday 24th November 2008. We have had Jinx scanned today and are extremely pleased & happy to confirm that she is in whelp!!! Puppies will be due late December 2008.

5th November 2008. Today was the day that we have had Castor castrated and retired him from the show ring. He has sired 3 lovely litters and enjoyed himself in the process! but it will be less stressful for him when the bitches come into season from now on.

October 2008. We have mated Jinx with Veldtkammer Get Of A My Cloud (Jaegar). Will confirm the pregnancy late November 2008.....keeping all our fingers & toes crossed!

Saturday 9th August 2008 was a very wet & windy day at Bournemouth Champ Show. Bo won the Frank Bloom Memorial Stakes under Mr Steve Hall and Rufus (Shombay Shamakani) had 5th in Post Graduate Dog under Espen Engh.

A FABULOUS day for Shombay at Paignton Champ Show on Tuesday 5th August 2008, our own Bo won Graduate bitch, Rufus (Shombay Shamakani) won Post Graduate Dog and Jinx took 3rd in Limit Bitch under Mr Jeff Horswell.

We couldn't go to Hound Association Champ Show on Saturday 3rd August, but Rufus (Shombay Shamakani) had 3rd in Yearling dog under breed specialist Mrs Sharon Rossiter.

Leeds Champ Show on Monday 28th July 2008 and Nyah (Shombay Shakarri) won Post Graduate bitch under Colin D Ashmore.

Rufus (Shombay Shamakani) took Reserve Best of Breed at Worthing Open Show under Mr Andrew Greeves on Sunday 20th July.

Tuesday 15th July 2008 was East of England Champ Show. Bo had 4th place in Mid-Limit Bitch under Mrs Dorothy Grayson-Wood, then had a great 4th place out of 66 dogs (no absentees!!) for the Special Beginners Stakes (AV Hound/Toy/Terrier) under Mrs Eleanor Bothwell.

Sunday 13th July 2008, we took Jinx & Bo up to Cheryl & John Mackfall's beautiful home for the Midlands & Northern Ridgeback Club Fun Day, to raise funds for Welfare. A great day spent in the sun with other ridgies and their owners and we even attempted the agility course, which Jinx loved!

Thursday 3rd July 2008 was South Wales Champ show, but no cc's on offer for our breed, Bo won Post Graduate bitch under Mrs Diane Cook.

We didn't enter Windsor Champ Show on Saturday 28th June, but Nyah (Shombay Shakarri) had 4th in Post Grad bitch and Rufus (Shombay Shamakani) had 5th in Post Grad Dog under Mrs Pam Blay.

Blackpool Championship Show on Saturday 20th June 2008 and Bo had 3rd in Limit Bitch under Ann McDonald and then a nice 4th place in the Dog World Open Stakes under Mr Martin Freeman.

Saturday 14th June 2008 - Shombay Shamakani won BOB at Southampton Open Show under Julie Hibbert.

Thursday 12th June 2008 at Three Counties, Bo had 2nd in Post Graduate Bitch under breed specialist Gordon Cunningham (Walamandengie).

Saturday 31st May 2008 was Southern Counties Championship Show. Shombay Shamakani had 2nd in Post Graduate dog and Shombay Shakarri had 3rd in Yearling bitch under Mrs Vicky Cook-well done! Our own Bo was unplaced in the breed class but had a nice 4th out of 13 in the AV Hound/Toy/Terrier Open stakes under Stella Clark.

A long drive to Leatherhead on Sunday 4th May 2008 for the Southern Rhodesian Ridgeback Association Championship Show proved very successful! Shombay Shakarri (Nyah) won Graduate Bitch, our own Bo had 4th in Mid Limit Bitch, Shombay Shamakani (Rufus) had 4th in Post Graduate Dog and dad Zoro James of Shombay (Castor) had 5th in Open Dog. Shombay then went on to win the Special Breeders Stakes! Thank you to judge Mr J Aitken Johnston for a lovely day for all the Shombay hounds and a well worth the 6 hour drive round trip!!!

Bo had 3rd place in Limit Bitch at WELKS on 25th April 2008 under Breed Specialist Mr Jack Selby.

Bo took Best of Breed at Leominster CS Open Show under Mr Alf Wood on Sunday 20th April 2008.

WHAT A GREAT WEEKEND IN SCOTLAND! !! We travelled up to the Hound Association of Scotland on Saturday 12th April. Bo won Yearling Bitch & Jinx had 5th in Limit Bitch under Mrs Viv Phillips. We then on Sunday went to the RR Club of Scotland's Open Show and Bo won Post Graduate Bitch and then Reserve Best Bitch under Mr Frank Whyte!

CRUFTS 2008 - Bo had 4th in Post Graduate Bitch.

Bo had 4th out of 13 in Post Gaduate bitch at Manchester Championship Show on Sunday 20th January 2008 under breed specialist Karen Rimmer.

The Shombay puppies had a good day at The RR Club of GB Championship Show on Sunday 23rd September 2007 under Mrs Janet Parker. Shombay Shamakani had 5th (11 in class) in Junior dog, Shombay Shakarri had 5th in Junior Bitch (16 in class) and our own Bo had 4th in Yearling bitch (11 in class). Shombay were 2nd in the Progeny Class.

Castor has sired his 2nd litter which were born on Sunday 2nd September 2007. 7 healthy puppies, all with ridges. Well done to Indy (and her mum Jo)!


Congratulations to Shombay Shakarri (Nyah) who qualified for Crufts 2008, she had 2nd in Puppy Bitch at Bournemouth Champ Show under Mr Frank Kane.

Bo had 2nd place in Puppy Bitch at Midlands & Northern RR Club Champ Show on 14th July 2007 under breed specialist Mrs Sue Simper.

Jinx had 2nd place in Limit bitch at Paignton Champ Show under Mrs Marion Spavin on the 12th July 2007.

Rachel is organising an event for The Marches Ringcraft Club on the 25th September 2007 with "Mary Ray" at Leominster Bridge St Sports Centre, please have a look at the flyer below or email for more details and tickets.

Bo had a very credible 5th place out of 75! (91 entries/16 abs)of Hounds/Gundogs in the Pro Plan Purina Puppy Bitch Stakes under Mr Robin Newhouse at Blackpool Champ Show.

The Shombay team had a great day at Three Counties Champ Show on Thursday 14th June, no CC's on offer for our breed, but Bo won 1st place in a good Junior bitch class, Shombay Shamakani had 2nd in puppy dog and Shombay Shakarri had 3rd in puppy bitch under Mr Graham Hill!

Mon 28th May 2007 - Dad and daughter both had 3rd's in their respective classes at Bath under Zena Thorn-Andrews.

Well done to Bo's brother, Shombay Shamakani who qualified for Crufts 2008 with 2nd in Puppy Dog at Southern RR Club Champ Show.
unday 29th April - Bo has qualified for Crufts 2008 - she had 2nd place in Minor Puppy Bitch at WELKS!

Saturday 10th March - Jinx had 4th place at Crufts in Limit bitch - she is regaining her figure back slowly!!

Our little girl Bo 'Shombay Shaamone' attended her 1st show on Saturday 24th February 2007 at Sutton Coldfield CS Open Show. Only 6 months old on the day of the show, under breed judge Julie Mounfield, she won the junior class and took Best Puppy, then Hound Puppy Group 3 under Ms Sue Campbell - thank you to both & what a fantastic start!!!

October 06 - A big 'thank you' to all our new owners, who have given our puppies wonderful homes. It is a lot quieter in the house now!

24th August 2006 - PUPPIES HAVE ARRIVED! 8 bitches & 5 dogs...Jinx is being a 'Super Mum' to her large litter! All have ridges and both mum & pups are doing really well.

29th May 2006 - Zoro James of Shombay (under Mr Aitken-Johnson) gains his Stud Book Number by winning Limit Dog at Bath and also the Reserve Challenge Certificate!!

12th May 2006 - Morlingcourt Miss HiJinks of Shombay takes 1st place in Post Graduate Bitch at Birmingham National under Mrs Jill Peak.