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"Shombay Dark Knight Rises"
Stud Book Number Gained

Mortimer Aug 15 by G.Mulligan
Mortimer - June 15 by L.Piehl
Mortimer - 1st Blackpool June 15 by G.Mulligan
**BIS** Kington Show. Picture by E.Morris
1st PD - Blackpool June 14 - picture by J Mulligan

Mortimer was the 'chosen one' to stay here at Shombay HQ from our 2013 litter between Bo x Kanyon.
What a really lovely dimwit clown this young lad is! He is so horizontal and laid back, he is a joy to have here with us and such a loving boy. 
He has made a lovely start to his showing career and more importantly has become another ‘partner in crime’ with his older sister Vesper and our son Ashton!!
Mortimer proudly achieved his Stud Book Number in October 2015. 

click here to download Mortimer's pedigree

Mortimer's Show Results 2015

M&N RR Open Show - 28th November 2015 - 1st Limit Dog under breed specialist judge Mr Mark Canon (Abayomi). His critique reads: "Red wheaten dog, starting to show his maturity, very fit, well conditioned & muscled. Held his topline on the move and was true both coming & going. Good length of neck leading to a good spring of rib, length of loin & tailset. Well presented".

Midland Counties Champ - 24th October 2015 - 4th Limit Dog under breed specialist Mrs Anne Woodrow (Mirengo).

South Wales Championship Show - 10th October - 1st Limit Dog, thus proudly gaining his Stud Book Number under Mr Frank Kane.

RRCGB Championship Show - Sunday 27th September - 3rd Limit dog under Mrs Kirsteen Maidment.

Bournemouth Championship Show - Saturday 8th August - 3rd Limit Dog under Mr J Walton-Haddon. Then in the afternoon at South West Hound Club Open Show - 1st Open Dog & Best Of Breed under breed specialist judge Mrs Lorraine Baillie ( Saddletor). Mortimer's critique reads: "2 year old dark red wheaten. Have admired this boy for some time and he did not disappoint me. Shown in superb condition. Masculine head, good depth of muzzle, correct round eye, super front, lovely deep chest and length of loin. Was not very settled in his class on movement, but in the challenge moved out superbly with great length of stride & purpose. Pleased to award him BOB". 

Hound Association Championship Show - Saturday 1st August - Mortimer 2nd Limit Dog and Kanyon 4th Veteran Dog under breed specialist Mrs Dorothy Grayson-Wood (Isiqa). Her critique reads: "23 months r/wheaten dog. A typical head for the breed with lovely dark, round eye. Strong neck & shoulders. Good legs & feet. Capacious chest. Strong topline with correct ridge. Correct tailset. Accurate, driving movement".

East of England Championship Show - Friday 10th July - Mortimer 2nd Post Graduate Dog under Mrs Z Rawson. Her critique reads: "Another promising youngster, slightly heavier than winner, good overall balance, a powerful dog, correct topline moved well".

Windsor Championship Show - Sunday 5th July - Mortimer 2nd Limit Dog under Mr Hector Heathcote. His critique reads for Mortimer: "Another strong well muscled dog with good bone. Clean flat skull. Excellent ribbing, well carried back. Moved well. Just slightly too tight in feet".

Blackpool Championship Show - Saturday 27th June - Mortimer 1st Post Graduate Dog under Mr Mark Cocozza. Mortimer's critique reads:"Lovely size & type dog, like his proportions, good head, eye & ears, neck, topline & depth, well ribbed, tail a fraction low set, moderate & balance & has nice easy powerful gait".

RRCGB Open Show - Sunday 7th June -  Mortimer 1st Post Graduate Dog under breed specialist Mr Mike House (Lobengula). Mortimer's critique reads: " Red wheaten, Good bone & substance. Lovely head with good proportions. Strong neck and good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Chest not yet dropped to elbow, well ribbed back. Good rear angulation. Moved out with purpose".

Bath Championship Show - Monday 25th May - Mortimer VHC Post Graduate Dog under Mrs Janet Parker (Rejan).

Birmingham National Championship Show - Saturday 9th May - Mortimer 2nd Post Graduate Dog under breed specialist Mrs Julie Bates (Gunthwaite). Her critique reads:"a well balanced head, clean neck, well laid shoulders, strong topline, good angles front & aft. Shown in good condition. Moved freely".

SRRA Championship Show - Sunday 3rd May - Mortimer 1st Post Graduate Dog under Mr Peter Jolley. His critique reads: "Dark body, super outline, very well balanced, excellent feet, good angles front & rear, correct ridge & crowns, walks well & a flowing mover. A very pleasing boy".

A lovely trip up to Edinburgh for a weekend away with Ashton for Hound Association of Scotland Championship Show - Saturday 11th April - Mortimer 2nd Post Graduate Dog under Mrs Jill Peak.  Mortimer's critique: "19 month male not making the best of himself, good head proportions, good eye shape, strong muzzle, good bone, legs & feet, good body & balance, strong quarters, moved well when settled".

CRUFTS - Saturday 7th March - Kanyon 2nd Good Citizen & Mortimer 3rd Post Graduate Dog under breed specialist judge Mrs Gill Lawless (Faahac).

A very busy 4 days spent in Birmingham...setting up of the RR Discover Dogs stand, attending the Pawscars event, showing the dogs on Saturday and then Wayne joined Rachel & Kanyon, Vesper & Mortimer for their ever popular slot on the Discover Dogs stand - we love doing this so much and so do the hounds!

Manchester Championship Show - Thursday 15th January 2015 - Mortimer 2nd Junior Dog under Mr Tom Johnston. His critique reads: "Good head proportions and well set ears, good type and size and also presented in good body condition, moved well when settled, also needs time to drop and fill the frame" 


Mortimer’s Show Results 2014
RRC Scotland Champ - 2nd November 2014 - 1st JD & 1st YD under Mr Moray Armstrong.

"Masculine dog of good make and shape, pleasing head, bone & feet, strong quarters with good ridge, excellent forechest lacking in some today. Moved OK. He was not happy with the floor, pity".

South Wales Champ - 10th October 2014 - 2nd JD under Mr Graham Hill.    

“A well made 14 month old pleasing quality young male who has a balanced

profile with an athletic look. Strong masculine head with good eye shape, ears

and expression. True front which is well boned but has a tendency to toe in

which should improve with the tightness of maturity. Good size and

proportions of body and clear ridge. Moderate in angulations front and well made

body with plenty of scope for development and maturity. Moved well and true

once settled". 

RRCGB Champ - 28th September 2014 - 1st Junior Dog under breed specialist Mrs Cath Davis (Imola).

"13 month red male. Impressive balanced Masculine head with a good dark eye giving a kind expression. Excellent strong reach of neck leading to a good forechest, good bone and very tight feet. Good depth to chest, well sprung ribs and good length of loin. Well-muscled hind quarters with good rear angulation which gave a balanced outline overall. Did not disappoint on the move which was strong, free and covered the ground well. Most together of this class. Good ridge and crowns. Once finished he should do well".

Kington Agricultural Open Show - 13th September 2014 -

** BEST IN SHOW ** Best AVNSC Hound, Hound Group 1 under Mr Jeff Luscott. 

What a day!! Over 400 dogs entered, very proud of our lad!

Welsh KC Champ - 15th August 2014 - 1st PD under Mr N Newton. "Good sound dog in hard condition with pleasing front quarters".
Paignton Champ - 3rd August 2014 - 2nd JD under Mrs J Morris.
Leeds Champ - 25th July 2014 - 4th PD under Mrs J Ellis. 
 Midlands & Northern RR Champ - 19th July 2014 - VHC PD under Ms D Brennan.

Blackpool Champ – 21st June 2014 – 1st PD under Mr Gavin Robertson.

Three Counties Champ – 6th June 2014 – 3rd PD under Mrs Mel Dunn.

Southern Counties Champ – 31st May 2014 – 2nd PD under Mrs Sue Pollock Yule.

“Chunkier build, a bit bum high as yet, but lovely bone, strong head, good length of neck, muscular and overall sound construction, moved freely if a little untidily”.

SRRA Champ – 4th May 2014 – 2nd MPD under breed specialist Mrs Gillian Craven (Hespa).  His critique reads; “Another attractive puppy with a happy attitude to life, needs to drop in the middle but that should come in time, overall well built and his movement is more accurate than 1. He is a good colour and was shown in great condition. Both these puppies should have something to look forward to”.

WELKS Champ – 25th April 2014 – 2nd MPD under Mrs

Marianne Nixon. 

“8 month puppy and obviously a little more mature, attractive head, nice ear set, scores on reach of neck, strong topline, good bone & feet, moved with scope and ease from strong hindquarters, shown in lovely condition”.

Hound Association of Scotland – 12th April 2014 – 2nd Puppy dog under breed specialist Mr Eddie Patterson (Rocksham).  Qualifying him for Crufts 2015 at his first championship show. 

His critique reads “Another nice youngster.  Masculine head with good eye: strong neck into correct lay of shoulder; good front with nice depth of ribbing; slightly straight in stifle which restricts rear drive on move. Shown in good condition”.

Wellingborough & District Open – Sunday March 30th – 2nd Puppy under Mrs Chris Vincent (Jematti).

Gloucester & District CS Open - Saturday February 22nd - 1st Junior, BP & BOB under Miss Helen Geeson (Abbydachs).
"6 month old dog with so much promise. Excellent head & expression. Good angulation both front & rear. Moved out very well for age showing reach & drive. Superb temperament. Despite his age i felt nothing could match him for overall balance today. BOB, BP & Puppy Group 4".

2nd PD SRRA May 14
Mortimer BOB & BPIB aged 6 months. Picture by Nick Carter -
picture by Nick Carter
November 2013