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Shombay 'E' Litter 2015

Vesper x Chacha

Rachel Vesper & Chacha June 2015

The handsome Multi International Champion Shangani Ghalip Chahcha Chewe from the Ushindi kennel in France, was our choice of sire for Vesper for our 2015 litter.
Chacha is a wonderful red wheaten dog with an amazing temperament to match and a really pleasing pedigree that complements each of their own pedigrees perfectly.

Multi Int CH Shangani Ghalip Chacha Chewe

 Sometimes Mother Nature can be so cruel, especially after a text book mating; with a proven successful sire and the events that follow are often hard to understand.

After a rush to the vets on Sunday 23rd August 2015, in horrendous weather and after a difficult labour and delivery, this precious little singleton puppy arrived into the world on the vet surgery floor.

We named her "Storm"!  She was a very healthy 650g, had a lovely correct ridge & crowns, no kink tail, no excess white and was just so perfect. Vesper took to her immediately and we brought them both home.


As with any newborns, the first 24 - 48 hours are critical...but this little one, didn't have littermates to snuggle into or push each other around getting to the milk bar! But being a true little fighter, she gained weight gradually and became stronger each day.


To encourage Storm's limbs and bones to be used as they would be if she had lots of siblings to clamber over and snuggle into, we placed teddies and toys into her bed to stimulate these natural actions in the best way we could.

Having never had experience of rearing 1 puppy before, this was completely new for us also - as was monitoring the milk supply....she had it all to herself!

Ashton was completely besotted! It was hard getting him to come out from being with them both - she certainly was getting used to lots of gentle handling. 

2 days old

Storm is growing beautifully, in mind and body....and she now has her own page to follow her growing up!

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