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Mobile Ultrasound Scanning Service

Being a breeder herself and understanding the need for reliable ultrasound pregnancy confirmation, Rachel is now offering a professional mobile scanning service to the Herefordshire/Shropshire/Worcestershire/Welsh borders. 

Ultrasound is a quick and non invasive method for monitoring pregnancies and also assessing the foetal well being throughout gestation.

Using a top quality scanning machine and a hypo-allergenic ultrasound gel,  Rachel is able to confirm pregnancy on your bitch whilst in the comfort of theirs & your own home - which means no potentially stressful trip to your vets at this still extremely vulnerable time for the developing foetuses.

Clipping of hair (if your bitch is particularly hairy) under her stomach maybe asked for prior to the visit, as if not done, can reduce the quality of the ultrasound image, thus running the risk of missing or misinterpreting a pregnancy.

Approximate estimation of foetal numbers can be given; this is useful especially with regards to the feeding of your bitch throughout her pregnancy as too much/too little food and nourishment could be detrimental for her condition and her offspring’s   development.  However no guarantee is given to the final litter size as resorption of canine foetuses is relatively common in early gestation. 

Scanning is preferred anytime from 28 days after the last mating, as a pregnancy cannot be confirmed until a foetal pole is visible, together with the presence of a foetal heartbeat.  Scanning too early could mean that a gestation sac may be visible but may have no internal contents at that time and remember a bitch may ovulate after the mating has taken place as sperm can be fertile for up to 4 days after a mating. 

Rachel will always refer the bitch back to your own vet if any incidental findings or suspected anomolies are found during the ultrasound scan.

Rachel has obtained Level 1 & Level 2 in Canine Ultrasonography.

Please call Rachel on 07970 374642 to make an appointment or for further information.